The Scientific Approach to Slip Resistance



  • The Secure Tribometry Evaluation Platform (STEP) from Safe Space Ingenuity revolutionizes slip testing through computer generated test location diagrams, to identify areas that require immediate attention.
  • The application generates a statistical analysis and history of all slip testing results. Combining the Bluetooth technology of the BOT-3000E with our STEP software gives clients the ability to compile all data into a detailed summary report with pictures, graphs, and test analysis for each account.
  • This report is reviewed and generated by certified third-party walkway safety specialists from Safe Space Ingenuity, who are trained to analyze risk exposure according to relevant industry standards.


  • Gives risk managers the visibility to measure program effectiveness
  • Replaces manual processes and reduces administrative burdens
  • The application was designed to make Floor Safety Management Programs more efficient and effective
  • Creates a culture of accountability
  • Facilitates compliance with the ANSI A326.3 Standard
  • Simple, Affordable and Proven


  • The STEP application is a cloud-based, mobile software solution that organizes your entire Floor Safety Management Program in one easy to use system
  • All dynamic coefficient of friction measurements and documentation is stored in a single location, available to any field agent with an internet connected device
  • Accounts can be set up in minutes. Clients input specific information about sites and employees, and once testing is complete an audit report can be generated quickly and easily
  • Clients can document and perform audits from their smartphone or tablet
  • Annual subscriptions for the STEP application are available for both Android and iOS capable devices
  • All BOT-3000E Tribometer’s must be upgraded with Bluetooth capability to work with the STEP application. BOT-3000E Upgrades include a free calibration and a 1-year subscription to the STEP application. Contact us today to discuss STEP.
  • Make sure your BOT-3000E is Bluetooth Enabled. If it is not, it will require service to support the STEP App.
  • Annual renewal of your STEP application is required.

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