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BOT-3000E Rental

Rent the BOT-3000E Tribometer for advanced walkway safety assessments

3 Day Rental of the BOT-3000E Tribometer

The BOT-3000E Digital Tribometer, from Walkway Management Group, Inc., is a highly precise, digital instrument capable of measuring the dynamic and static coefficient of friction (COF) of walkway surfaces in the lab and in the field. It is the only device qualified for use with ANSI A326.3 “American National Standard Test Method for Measuring Dynamic Coefficient of Friction of Hard Surface Flooring Materials” released in April 2017. It meets the requirements of ASTM F2508 for the validation and certification of walkway tribometers, as tested by an independent laboratory.

If you are conducting an ANSI A326.3 audit for the first time, we strongly advise taking our BOT-3000E online course as it will provide you all the knowledge required to complete a proper audit.

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3 Day Rental of the BOT-3000E Tribometer


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