Slip Resistant Treatments


  • BOOST is a line of traction enhancing Treatments and Cleaners, that have been tested in the Consumer Assurance Testing Lab and proven to be effective.
  • BOOST Products are specifically formulated to 'BOOST' the coefficient of friction of any hard walkway surface.
  • There is a BOOST solution for any walkway surface.
  • BOOST Treatments are applied by our certified contractors, who are licensed and insured, to diagnose and treat walkway surfaces that are below the ANSI A326.3 Standard threshold level.


  • BOOST Treatments are not a topical coating or epoxy. Under most conditions, a BOOST Treatment will last one year. We recommend using ReBOOST, Floor Traction Cleaning Solution as part of an overall Floor Safety Management Program.
  • BOOST Treatments can be applied to common tiles such as ceramic, quarry, porcelain, and natural stone such as granite, slate, concrete and most other hard mineral surfaces.
  • Independent tests conducted by a leading US testing laboratory concluded that there is no significant change to the surface appearance or to the texture of the treated walkway surface.