STEP Audit Reports

Upon completion of testing a STEP Audit Report will be prepared in accordance with the ASTM F1694-14, “Standard Guide For Composing Walkway Surface Investigation, Evaluation, and Incident Report Forms for Slips, Stumbles, Trips, and Falls,” and the ASTM F2048-00, “Standard Practice for Reporting Slip Resistance Test Results.”

A STEP Audit Report includes:

  • Testing diagram with test location(s) and testing conditions identified
  • A description of the hard surface flooring conditions, as per ASTM standards
  • An executive summary of ANSI A326.3 American National Standard “Test Method for Measuring Dynamic Coefficient of Friction of Hard Surface Flooring Materials.”
  • All DCOF Measurements and a statistical analysis of DCOF results
  • Tribometer reports which include a timestamp, a date stamp, photos, and graphs of each individual DCOF sample

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STEP Audit Reports